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Ariah Barnett a member of the Abilene Stars Track Club beat six other competitors in the 100-Meter dash to win a 1st- place ribbon. The 24th annual, San Angelo Circuit Meet was held on Saturday, June 17, 2023 at the San Angelo Stadium.

SAN ANGELO — At the start of the 24th annual San Angelo Circuit Meet, temperatures were in the blistering low 90s, yet it didn’t deter many track athletes from “scorching” the track with impressive 1st-place finishes to overcome unbearable conditions and finish strong at the finish line.

The 9 a.m. CM was “run” quickly and smoothly as John Henry Peréz, San Angelo Recreation Assistant Manager, referee, Andy Cedillo in charge of starter pistol to get athletes off to the races, also four full staff, and 15 part time Rec personnel were able to get the sports event completed by 2 p.m. due to the extreme heat conditions.

Among the 300 track, and field “Fast and Furious” athletes was 13-year-old, Ariah Barnett a member of the Abilene Stars Track Club. 13-year-old Ariah who is the daughter of Antone, and Francesa, attends Craig Middle School.
 Barnett running in Lane 6 stated she got a good start out of the blocks to beat out six other competitors for the 1st-place ribbon in the 100-Meter dash.  “Overall, I think I did pretty good. Barnett did better than “pretty good,” she ran a great race from start to finish. Ariah’s last events of the day was the 200-Meters, and the triple jump.

On this Father’s Day weekend, Saturday, June 17, 2023, one proud father, Jeremiah “Team” Samarripa’s three children: Lexi, Jayce, and Miah brought home the gold, or rather 1st place ribbons. Lexi won 1st in the 400-meter dash, 2nd in both the 200-meter dash, and the long jump.

Lexi’s brother, and a sister kept up with their big “sis” as Jayce got a blue ribbon in the 200-meters and 400 meters, then followed up with a 2nd- place in the long jump.

As for little Miah who was entered in the Tiny Toddlers’ Division, she won 1st-place ribbons in the 50-meters, 200 meters, and got a 2nd in the 100 meters.

The real “Fast and Furious” O’Donnell, Texas’ Summer Track squad, comprised of 15 members and coached by seven-year veteran, Lyndie Boone, proved they were able to hang with the “Big Boys.”

10-year-old, Cash Whipple won third-place ribbon in the hurdles’ competition, his teammate, Briley Hancock took 1st place in the 80-Meters Hurdles event.

And, Macie Neal got a third-place ribbon, also a fourth-place ribbon in the 400-Meter relay. “I am extremely proud of these competitive little “kiddos who are fired up about track,” said Coach Boone.

One other track squad, the Hill Country Comets were represented by A.J. Serrano and his sister, Abbey. A.J. placed 3rd in the 100 Meters while his sister came in 5th in the 100 Meters.

Locally, two San Angelo Recreation Track Club members: Natalie Meza a Lone Star Middle School 8th grader and teammate, Natalia Mata from Glenn Middle School tied for a 1st-place blue ribbon.