Flaco Guapo Media founder, Jim Sánchez

Lyndale Senior Living Activities Director, Alicia Hernandez.

SAN ANGELO – Lyndale San Angelo Senior Living’s 1400 oval-shaped entrance, exit would have been perfect for a race between Alicia a. k. a “Fast and Furious” Hernandez, Lyndale Activities Director, vs the youngest 3-year-old, “young Mozart in the go-cart, let’s give them something bold and brazen to talk about over their Lattes,” Maverick Welch. Maverick is the son of Victoria Welch and his grandparents are Bruce and Wendy Burkett.

Maverick a.k.a. “Baby Driver” behind the wheel of his grandfather’s ’64 Pontiac GTO.

Lyndale’s Summer Hot Rides and Cool Dads’ Car Show featured 15 classic cars, among them a 1964, Sunfire colored, Pontiac GTO with a 389 four barrel, 4-speed standard, owned by Bruce Burkett. And sitting right in the second row of vehicles, behind the wheel of that GTO was Burkett’s grandson, Maverick, a.k.a. “Baby Driver” ready to lap the field.

Lyndale’s Summer Hot Rides and Cool Dads’ Car Show other classics included: ’66 Corvette, ’71 Chevelle, ’65 Corvette, ’67 Camaro, ‘71 Volks Wagon Karmann Ghia ‘50s Ford pickup, ’72 Ford Maverick, Ford Street Rod, ‘40 Ford Delux, 2023 Corvette, 2002 Corvette, also Kerry Armistead owner of the ’67 Pontiac GTO equipped with 400 cubic inch V engine, and Bennie Williams’ ’69 Ford Mustang equipped with a 302 engine, 4-barrel carburetor. Williams who was in high school bought the Mustang for $2800, paid it off in three years.

The Hot Rides and Cool Dads’ Car Show was held Father’s Day weekend, on Friday, June 14, 2024 from 10 a.m. -12 noon in Lyndale’s parking lot, 6101 Grand Court Road stated Hernandez.

Lyndale held the classic car show to honor dads and their families. The senior retirement home staff served complimentary hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, soft drinks, and water.