Jim Sánchez, Flaco Guapo Media founder

SAN ANGELO – In the Mexican culture, two predominate things that stand out, amor and música are closely connected to the third—familia.

When it came time for Mariachi’s Micael Lozano and his fellow Los Caciques to perform one of the most iconic Mexican classics, El Rey, it was dedicated to Micael’s father, Anthony Lozano the Social Media Manager who oversees Los Caciques’ media platform.

Los Caciques and its Director, Rosenda Ramos, and Ezra Ramirez, Assistant Director’s selection of El Rey defined as wise, bold, and courageous, perfectly described those traits in Anthony, also his amor and an exemplary role model to both his familia and the second Mariachi family group. The group also thanked Maricruz Carrales for her significant support.

Photo courtesy of Araceli Gutierrez, Conexión San Angelo 

A full house of family, friends, and invited guests saw the Mariachi group perform the one-hour 12-set of songs which included:
El Pollito
Arboles de la Barranca -Mariachi
Te Lo Pido – Arely and Desani
Por Tu Maldito Amor – Micael Lozano
La Madrugad – Isacc
Besame Mucho

Besame Mucho – performed by Micael Lozano, Mikayla, and Leandra

At the Region Mariachi Festival held earlier this year in El Paso, Texas, Mariachi Los Caciques received a Superior Rating for Besame Mucho. Los Caciques followed up that performance with another Superior Rating at the State Mariachi Festival held in Seguin, Texas

El Rey – performed by Micael Lozano. The 1971 song was written by Mexican singer, and Latin Grammy Hall of Fame recipient, Jóse Alfredo Jiménez

Por Un Amor – Araely, and Mikayla
La Guacamaya – Micael Lozano, Jennifer
La Malagueña – Issac
Popurri Rancheras – Mikayla, Joanna, Arely, and Keira
Bonito Tecalitlan – Isaac

Photo courtesy of Araceli Gutierrez, Conexión San Angelo 

The Por El Amor A La Música 6:30 p.m. fundraiser and dinner was held on Thursday, April 11, 2024 at the Cactus Hotel, 36 W. Twohig Ave.