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SAN ANGELO – When Jill Ross, first year principal at Central High School said in her welcoming remarks ,“Thank you for joining us to celebrate the Class of 2024,” it was met with a loud applause from family and friends who had waited 12 years to finally see their sons, and daughters who represented 626 seniors to walk across the stage, and receive their high school diplomas.

The San Angelo Central High School 9 a.m. commencement ceremony was held on Saturday, May 25, 2024 at the Junell Center/ Stephens Arena on the campus of Angelo State University.

Principal Ross introduced SAISD’ s guest speaker, Dr. Christopher Moran, Superintendent of Schools who shared three thoughts.
“A ship is safe in the harbor but that is not what it is built for. The second thought is you win and lose by the way you choose. And the third thought is that the morning sun never suspects what the evening sun already knows.”
“Your story is not yet written. I’d like to congratulate everyone here on making it to your commencement which means beginning,” concluded Dr. Moran.

Central High School 2024 senior class graduates 626

When it came time for Miss Ann McKenzie White, Valedictorian to speak to her fellow grads, she had no idea what her speech would be about. After much thought, Whited decided the theme of the speech was “to be thankful for the people who supported you. And, I want this speech to be about all us.”
White stated she polled all the seniors on what they were thankful for. Among the three seniors she cited were Elizabeth Johnson who was thankful for the science funding provided by the school. Mia Boyd said she was thankful for the off-campus lunch. And Keagan Ray Manriquez says he was thankful for all the parking tickets, to which the audience got a great kick out of the two humorous responses.
“For me personally, I am most thankful for my senior class one of diversity, perseverance, intelligence, and talent” said White.

During the two-hour commencement, among the graduates to walk the stage were four: Ava Rose Favor, Cum Laude whose white chord represented a GPA of 95-97.

Thailia Victoria Fernandez who made sure to make a heart-shape with her hands, and acknowledge her family while blowing kisses;

when Anastacia Leighraine Fisher was congratulated by Dr. Moran, her boyfriend shouted out so everyone could hear him. “That’s my girlfriend” at which the audience laughed gleefully.

And the other CHS graduate was Flaco Guapo Media’s great niece, Tiana Jade Samarripa. Tiana is the daughter of Thessalonia Samarripa, and Terence Fields, father, her grandparents are Albert, and Nora Samarripa, Sr. her great grandparents were the late Jimmy, and Ermelinda Sanchez, Sr. Tiana graduated Summa Cum Laude, “with the highest distinction,” and in the top 10% percent of her class.

Left-to-right: Terence Fields, father of Tiana Jade Samarripa, Taylia Samarripa sister to Tiana, Thessalonia Samarripa, mother, Nora L. Samarripa, grandmother, and Albert B. Samarripa, grandfather.

The senior class of 2024 closed out the ceremony when the Top 10 graduates led their fellow classmates with the singing of the CHS school song prior to the traditional tossing of their mortarboard caps, and celebrating with families and friends.
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Below is the Class of 2024 Top Ten:
• Ann McKenzie White, Valedictorian
• Mariel Mae Harzke, Salutatorian
• McKinley Kayden Nile
• Hael Park
• Savannah Grace Beauty
• Benjamin Maximo Puello
• Caroline Claire Steele
• Juan Estevan Garcia
• Jaxsen Grey Waddington
• Taelye Joe Self

Photo courtesy of SAISD communications department 

To view the entire CHS graduation ceremony, go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnAzJkk3VeM