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SAN ANGELO – The folk tale of Cinderella being passionately pursued by her “Prince Charming” in search of putting the glass slipper on her is both a classic and fictious fable. The following 21st century love story between an outgoing city girl meets her shy, country boy soulmate is very real. “For Bubba” and Miss Loagan, it had that kind of magical, storybook start-to-finish, similar to Cinderella’s.

 Miss Loagan Marie Memmer, just minutes before she prepares to go downstairs to her wedding day on Saturday, December 14, 2019.

Mr. Rick Memmer, father-of-the-bride, Loagan Marie Memmer. Just before they walk down the aisle, she lovingly gives him a kiss.

Cinderella's Loagan Marie Memmer about to exchange her wedding vows with her "Prince Charmning" Mr. James Earl "Bubba" Christensen III. The Memmer-Christensen III wedding was held in the Fort Concho Quartermasters venue on Saturday, December 14, 2019 at 4 p.m.



"To love is not to look at one another, But to look together in the same direction." - Antoine de Saint (Exupery)


Just like in the Cinderella story where the prince found the princess whose foot would fit the glass slipper she lost, so too in a sense “Prince Charming-in-waiting,” “Bubba” found his Cinderella. Albeit in this case he “got off on the wrong foot” with her. That shy, person was James “Bubba” Christensen III, who when he met Miss Loagan Memmer, made such a “horrible impression on her” not just once, but twice!

The first time both of them met was on their high school campus at Lake View. The kind of impression that "Bubba" made on Loagan was indelible. But not in that kind of “wow, hubba, hubba-he’s my man, Bubba!” As for that idiom, “get off on the wrong foot?" It means to make a bad impression which is exactly what happened between them that day in the parking lot of the high school. “I cut him off in the parking lot one morning and he pulled me off to the side of the road to cuss me out,” said Loagan.

To make matters worse, James “Bubba” didn’t endear himself to her when she found out he was dating one of her best friends. If you’re keeping count in how to win a girl, Mr. Christensen was now on a full pitch count of -2; as in two strikes and you are about to strike out with the girl of your dreams, “Bubba” [pun intended.]
With two wrong-footed missteps, James’ bacon was saved by his own version of a beautiful fairy godmother just like in the Cinderella movie. You see, Loagan’s mom, Kimberly stepped in and played matchmaker.

Left-to-right: Rick Memmer, wife: Kimberly, Miss Josceyln Dickey, Loagan Marie Memmer and James "Bubba" Christensen III

Prior to the Memmer, Christensen III wedding day on December 14, 2019, Flaco Guapo interviewed Mr. and Mrs. Rick and Kimberly Memmer, Miss Joscelyn Dickey, Loagan Memmer and James “Bubba Christensen III. Kimberly was asked, “What was it about “Bubba” that you thought he would be perfect for your daughter?” “He was different than the other guys he was with.” “He had manners, he was a good guy and I immediately liked him for Loagan,” Kimberly said. Kim’s husband, Rick, echoed her sentiments. “He was respectful; Bubba’s one-of-a-kind.” An extended member of the family, Joselyn Dickey, also thinks the world of Bubba. “I love him.” “You cannot help but love Bubba.” Joselyn concluded that she thinks of him as her brother.

Bubba was practically in the family with everyone, except—yep, the one who would need to cast the deciding vote--Loagan. After “Bubba” was invited to a family cookout in Christoval, Texas, he spent most of the day with her. It was that day after being together that she concluded. “There was something there that intrigued me about him” said Memmer. What Loagan discovered was not this “tough macho guy image” but a gentleman who was soft-spoken. Her family already knew that. But Memmer had to find out for herself without anybody pressuring her to give him a chance.

As for who said I love you first? “Bubba” quickly raised his hand to indicate it was he who fell hard for Loagan, the object of his affections. So much so that he told her after just two weeks of being with her.
For Loagan, she wasn’t quite feeling it, yet. She knew she liked “Bubba” a lot. But that four-letter L word for Miss Memmer was too special for her to say it. It would have to wait for that special moment and specific time; it turned out to be the Fourth of July. “It was when the fireworks went off that I decided I was going to whisper in his ear and see how he reacts.” The look and reaction on James “Bubba” s face was priceless. With tears in his eyes, he looked at Loagan and said, "I love you too!"

"Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one."--John Keats

Once Loagan committed to James, she was all in. “I grew to love him and he’s my best friend.” In the three years since they met, both have learned to understand one another, communicate better, respect each other’s differences. For James and Loagan, their impending "fairytale" marriage has a very good chance to last a lifetime-on-earth "until -death-do-us-part." They need look no further than in Loagan's own role models—meaning her parents--Rick and Kimberly who have been married for 25 years.
“One essential trait to have for a successful marriage and relationship that will grow over time is to keep the lines of communication open” said Rick. To which Kimberly emphatically stated, “There should never be an out; meaning no divorce!” Kim’s second words of wisdom was to make room for laughter in the marriage. And as for Bubba’s parents, they fell in love with Loagan because she willingly engaged in establishing a relationship with them.

The final step that “Bubba” took was when he came to Rick to ask for his blessing to marry Loagan. It was a foregone conclusion that the father would give him the thumbs up. Kimberly was to say the least, elated. “There is nobody better for Loagan than “Bubba.” “And there is nobody better for “Bubba” than Loagan.”

Mrs.  Diane Miles, Loagan's grandmother, conduced a ceremony with regards to the reading of the Unity Cross.

"The bride and groom have chosen to demonstrate God's presence in their marriage by assembling the Unity Cross, which will serve as a reminder of the covenant they are making today. The Unity Cross represents the unique strength, beauty and originality that God has given Loagan Marie Memmer and James Christensen III.  When the pieces are assembled together they represent the two becoming one in the presence of God" Original reading from the Unity Cross.

Wedding colors were dark red and dark navy incorporating a Christmas soft look.
Wedding party:
Maid of honor: Kenneth Memmer and Rebecca Farwell, Britnee Moseley, Joscelyn Dickey, Tori Buselli, Abii Weh & Mikayla Rever
Best man: Bryson Holmes, CJ Crooks, Braden Jowers, Talis Luedecke, TJ Farwell, Carter Christensen
Flower girls: Gracie Aelin
Ring bearer: Mason Green

Both families, the Memmers and Christensens gained not just a son-in-law and daughter-in-law, but a son and a daughter.

On Saturday, December 14, 2019, Miss Loagan Marie “Cinderella” Memmer had a a glass slipper, uh that is a ring placed on her left hand, fourth finger to become Mrs. James Earl “Bubba “Prince Charming’s” Christensen III’s beautiful bride. When the officiant, Jesse Griffith, introduced to the families and friends, James and Loagan as husband and wife, both walked step-in-step, that is “off on the right foot” to their honeymoon and future marriage.

Mrs. Loagan Christensen III and her dad, Rick Memmer dancing to daddy/daughter song: Long Black Train--Josh Turner

Mr. & Mrs. James Earl and Loagan Christensen III's first dance was to Blessed by Thomas Rhett. You can see the video with lyrics on Youtube. The entertainment was provided by Brandon Gonzales Mobile DJ.

Wedding cake German chocolate cake topped with eatable flowers & fruit; a two-tiered cake for wedding couple.

Left-to-right: Officiant at wedding, Jesse Griffith and Miss Joscelyn Dickey, bridesmaid and hair stylist.