Jim Sánchez, Flaco Guapo Media founder

SAN ANGELO – When District 72 State House of Representative, Drew Darby told the Tom Green County Republican Party attendees they needed to come together as a family so the Party could move forward to move the goals of this state further under Republican principles, one special guest, Texas Land Commissioner, Dawn Buckingham was warmly greeted and treated like family with welcome arms by Darby and its TGCRP's members.

“I’m not on very good terms with a lot of statewide officials. But this is my favorite, she’s a rock star. Her leadership is what Republican leadership should be all about. She understands the issues, she is tenacious, and advocates those issues,” said Darby.

How tenacious, and knowledgeable on advocate issues is Buckingham? Good enough that in the history of the Texas General Land Office’s 185-year existence, she became the first woman ever to be elected as its commissioner.

Before she became the TGLO’s 29th commissioner, “rock star,” Buckingham’s first accomplishments on the state level occurred when she successfully became a state senator from 2017-2023.

Buckingham’s “Rising Rock Star” status, defined as “a person who is quickly becoming popular, successful” mentioned in Darby’s introduction, actually he said “rock star” is evident by her many other first accomplishments.

The first one occurred when in 2016, Buckingham ran for the Senate District 24 seat held by Senator Troy Fraser’s decision not to seek re-election. Buckingham was one of six in a crowded field of candidates which included the five others:
Ryan Downton, businessman
Brent Mayes, small business owner
Reed Williams, retired oil executive
Susan King, a five-term member of the Texas House from Abilene
Jon Cobb, small business owner
• 2017 Buckingham became the first Republican from Travis County to ever be elected to the Texas Senate, as well as the first woman ever elected to represent Senate District 24.
• She also became the first legislator ever to be named to the Sunset Advisory Commission
• 2019, Buckingham became the first person in 58 years with two years or less experience to be named Chair of the prestigious Senate Nominations Committee per https://www.bartlett-tx.us/citycouncil/page/state-senator-bell-county

In Land Commissioner Buckingham’s nearly 30-minute remarks to the TGCR Party members and guests, she said “the General Land Office is responsible for the majority of oil and gas in the state which funded $2 billion dollars in education in 2023. And it also funds our Veterans Program,” said Buckingham.

And, one other important thing she is focusing on is the $550 million dollar Alamo Project. “The legislature in the last session gave us $400 million dollars.” The $150 million difference will be raised through private donations stated Buckingham.

The Texas Land General Office’ Agency Philosophy lists integral parts such as transparency, integrity, highest standards of ethics, professionalism, fairness, towards those we serve – the citizens of Texas – and among those with whom we serve – our fellow staff members.
TLC Buckingham perfectly embodies those intrinsic traits that reflect her personal life.

The Tom Green County Republican Party members are comprised of: Trish Jordan, Precinct Chair, Martha Visney Precinct Chair, Glenda Bacon, Precinct Chair, Beth Uherik, Precinct Chair, and Party Secretary, Linda Binns, Precinct Chair, and County Treasurer, Bruce Burkett, Republican Party Chair, and Lou Brown, Precinct Chair, and Parliamentarian.

Beth Uherik, Tom Green County Republican Precinct Chair, and Party Secretary with State Rep. Drew Darby

Among the TGCP Party members in attendance included: Mr. Sammy Farmer, TGC Precinct 2 Commissioner and his wife, Mr. Rick Bacon, TGC Precinct 3 Commissioner, and his wife, Mayor Brenda Gunter, San Angelo Police Chief candidate, Sgt. Travis Griffith and his family, District Attorney, John Best and his wife, Karen Best, Attorney at Law, and others.

The TGCR Party held its major fundraiser on Tuesday, March 19, 2024 at the Bentwood Country Club, 2111 Clubhouse Ln.