Jim Sánchez, Flaco Guapo Media founder

SAN ANGELO – “Claim to fame is that our kids still think their dads are pretty cool." That high praise coming from Take 2's kids has certainly been validated by the group’s growing reputation with its core fanbase, and new followers.

The “Pretty Cool Dads” include: Chunky Nelms –acoustics guitarist and vocalist, Dr. Kelly Wilson - Bass player/ fiddle, District Judge Jay Weatherby- keyboard player, Robert Harris – drummer, and Daryl Cates – lead guitar.
Take 2, one of San Angelo’s best bands’ popularity, and professionalism earned the San Angelo Junior League’s attention to be considered its entertainment at the 10th annual, Western Dance. The WD was held on Saturday, January 27, 2024 in the Stables at Fort Concho.

2’s performance of cover songs from Country Western, Alternative Rock, to pop at a consummate professional level was evident when Nelms performed the cover song version of “Five More Minutes” by Scott McCreery (2017), who co-wrote the number one hit on the Billboard Country with Monty Criswell and Frank Rogers.
The lyrics are based on his relationship with his grandfather who passed away in 2017 and the desire to spend more time with a loved one.

Among the other cover songs performed: “Poncho & Lefty” by legendary, Willie Nelson sung by Wilson, “Life’s Been Good” written and sung by Joe Walsh singer songwriter, and “Peaceful Easy Feeling” from the Eagles 1972 debut album.

After Take 2’s 1st 45-minute music set performance, the Junior League got underway with their fundraiser as auctioneer, Wade Kirkwood, Program Director, West Texas Boys Ranch started off with the first item, a gift card to Chic-Fil-A that was
auctioned off for $1,200.

Next up was the second item, the Clay Bird Team registration for a 5-man team at the West Texas Rehab sold for $1,800.

The third item, Justin Blair’s art work sold for $3,000.

The fourth item was a Taos, New Mexico Condo 3-night Getaway which went for $1,400.

An African 7-day Hunting Safari for two hunters was the fifth item sold for $8,000.

At the sixth item position up for auction was an 8-day Bass & Tiger Fishing trip for four that went for $2,000.

The seventh and final item was a Yeti cooler full of 27 bottles of alcohol content that auctioned off at $4,100.

Dr. Amanda Ritchie-Ethridge, JLSA President stated the prestigious nonprofit’s fundraiser dollar amount was $70,000; other 12 board members include: President-Elect, Anna Augustin, Internal VP, Jana Thomason, Recording Secretary, Carol Reyes, Treasurer, Tiffany Sheppard Farris, Treasurer-Elect, Della Favor, Immediate Past President (ex-officio), Casey Thieman, Provisional Chair, Kelsey Wells, Nominating & Placement, Tiffany McMahon, Communications, Hannah Heare, Fund Development, Sadie Farr, Grant Writing, Sara Reyes, and Sustaining Advisor, Stacy Greaves (ex-officio).

Standing Committee Chairmen: Kelly Delarosa, Sarah White, Cassie Garrison, and Mattie San Juan.

Project Chairmen: Britta Todd, Brilyn Daniels, Lona Satterwhite, Ashely Harper, Taylor Watson, Kelsey Wells, Rosie Castaneda, and Jessica Banda.

Fundraising Chairmen: Rachel Miles, and Mariah Davis, Cat Gossett, Hannah Hoelscher, Kelsi Sedden, and Anna Schneeman.
Community Events: Lisa Rowan, and Grace Steranko.

Wells SAJL Provisional Chair gave a brief update to the attendees about the P.A.C.K. (Personally Accessible Care Kits project. The kit included: deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, and feminine products.
“11 school districts in the [Concho Valley] will have kits made available to them. As of this year, we have given away a total of 181 packs across the district upon request,” said Wells.

Junior League’s four other projects include:

• Done in a Day – DIAD Committee has plans to continue to work with the Concho Valley Food Bank to deliver weekly meal bags to local schools as part of the Food 2 Kids Program.
• Children’s Literacy Program – Through CLP, JLSA can also help increase self-esteem, self-discipline, creativity, and education retention in the youth of the area.
• Student Closet – JLSA’s efforts are to provide children, as well as teenagers, with quality clothing. The nonprofit and Student Closet Committee work with school counselors, at-risk coordinators, teachers in SAISD, and other child advocates who see children in need.
• Kids in the Kitchen – is designed to help communities address the urgent issues surrounding childhood obesity, and poor nutrition. By combining our efforts with community partners, to bring recipes, and nutrition tips to children and their families.