Jim Sánchez, Flaco Guapo Media founder

SAN ANGELO – What better way to kick-off the 8th annual, Brews & Ewes than with great food, great Brewskis, (beer), and not one, but two great bands for music enthusiasts to enjoy their pre-spring weekend outdoors. The two-for-one live band entertainment was part of the BBQ & World Championship Lamb Cook-Off competition, sanctioned by the International BBQ Cookers Association held on Saturday, March 2, 2024 at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts.

The first band, Shineola’s 3 p.m. performance featured five members: Darren Morrison, vocals, and piano; Andrew Barrett, lead guitar, and vocals; Billy Dan Langley, flute, harmonica, acoustic guitar; Dedra Knox, drums, and vocals; and one of Andrew’s favorite best friends, the person he loves to spend time with, his wife, D’Nan Barrett, bass, and vocals. The Barretts have been “Happily After” married since 2002.

Shineola Band member, Jesus Acosta-electric guitar.

Andrew and D’Nan knew their three other band members pretty well. So, the obvious became apparent, it was for the Barretts to merge with their fellow, highly respected professionals to form the new band name. The five are so multi-talented any of them are able to “come off the bench, and be a starter,” such as Dedra who played acoustic guitar but switched over to drums and the band has not missed a “beat,” pun intended.

During the band’s one hour set, Dedra sang the cover song to Linda Ronstadt’s 1976 iconic classic, “You’re No Good.”

Andrew Barrett was the lead vocal on Johnny Rivers’ 1966 classic, “Secret Agent Man.”

Shineola’s music ranges from Country music, Rock, Motown, and funk. For contact info, their email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or go to: www.Facebook.com/Shineolamusic

The next band up was one of the best in the business, Rita Capuchina y Ánimo. The members are comprised of: Jesus Acosta-electric guitar; Mario Rodriguez-drummer; Ramon Vasquez-Bass guitar; Rita Capuchina-vocalist; and Jesse Garces-vocalist, and percussionist. Ánimo plays music ranging from Tejano, to Cumbias, 80's, Classic Rock, and Country Music.

One of Ánimo’s first songs performed was “Volveras a Mí, an original produced by Shelly Lares on their upcoming album, followed by a cover song, “Suavecito” written by Latino-American songwriter, Richard Bean a member of the band, Malo. “Suavecito” was first originally performed on Cinco de Mayo, 1980 at an outdoor concert in Los Angeles. The iconic classic called the "Chicano National Anthem" reached number 18 on Billboard charts in 1972.

“Suavecito” made history as one of the most enduring classics of the Chicano rock era, symbolizing Latinx pride and progress at a time when Mexican-Americans and other Latino people were fighting for equal rights in the US per https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20221123-suavecito-the-chicano-national-anthem


One of Ánimo’s very first performances was at the B&E’s event two years ago stated Capuchina. The Tejano band’s next gig is in preparation for its two-year anniversary celebration to be held at the Koronazz Event Center, 4611 S. Jackson St on Saturday, March 9, 2024. The two featured groups will be Anjelique & Sweet City Band and Asaltø.  The doors open at 7 p.m. 


FMI, visit Ánimo’s website, https://www.facebook.com/ConAnimoRaza