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 Ermelinda Camarillo Sánchez in her mid-30s. Mom was a beautiful woman. This hair style was he rage in the early 70s.

SAN ANGELO – Every holiday that came along during the year, whether Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday, or Christmas, I always gave our beloved Mother, Ermelinda Camarillo Sánchez a gift.

Our beloved mother, Ermelinda Camarillo Sánchez was a beautiful person who gave it her all to her Savior, Jesus Christ, her family, her friends and those she pastored faithfully since September 2001.

Since her passing a year ago this past July 19, 2018, all those mentioned holidays as I go forward in life will never be the same without her presence.

Today, being August 31, 2019, my mom would have turned 83. I and my sister, Nora, Samarripa, visited her graveside to place a birthday card and birthday balloon. I choose the color purple because it represents royalty, which she was.

Although I am in a better place because of her strong godly influence in the last six years of being together, I look back briefly and honor this virtuous woman of God, minister of the gospel, pastor, mentor, my hero, my best friend and my beloved mother.

Mom at her daughter, Nora's birthday party on September 12, 2016 at Texas Roadhouse.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (John 15:13, KJV).
"There are two special gifts we can give our children; one is roots, the other is wings.” Author unknown.

Mom, like our Dad, Jimmy Sánchez, Sr. was the type of person that if she gave you her word, you could take that verbal check and cash it at the bank. You’ve heard the idiom, give you the “shirt off their back.” That was absolutely 100 percent true of her. Once she gave her brand new bed to someone who was in need. This wasn’t the only time as she did it soo many times.

Mom had those abstract, spiritual intrinsic traits: integrity, honor, commitment, grace, love and forgiveness.
It was because of her love for her Savior, Jesus Christ, and being a role model of the Christ within her, that I accepted Jesus as my Savior. Although I find myself following in her footsteps, I will never be able to fill her shoes.

The Lord spoke to me during the early part of the New Year that I was to pick up her mantle and carry on her legacy which was to take care of the Sanchez, two families--Samaripa Samarripa and Garcia families from a spiritual side.

Being complete honesty, I have failed at times, but I keep moving forward in doing the best I can. A part of that legacy also included following in her footsteps; I became a licensed ordained minister.

In conclusion, I owe everything to my Savior Jesus and the mother, He gave me, Ermelinda. I was able to attend Angelo State University and graduate with my Bachelor of Arts degree. That degree allowed me to do what I do best—a journalist, reporter, photographer as I launched my own business last September 2018. I would never have made in college, much less graduate if it wasn’t for her.