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Story, photos provided by and with permission from Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – After 47 years of a successful three-day holiday event known as Open House, (starts the day after Thanksgiving), Roger Allen, owner of The Chicken Art Farm Center, felt something was missing—live entertainment music.
Enter Dr. David Alexander, former Professor of Management, Angelo State University. Mr. Alexander as the music coordinator, started with five original musicians: Terry Mills, Roy Don Scott, Coy Moses, Larry Ward and Don Gabbert, along with other invited musicians for an all weekend, live music entertainment which began in 2008.

At Saturday’s November 24 all-day entertainment, one of those five, Terry Mills, performed her one-hour session from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. It was evident during Mills’ session that she was well received as many friends came by afterward to visit with her. Also, Mills’ CD, titled: Man Behind The Curtain, were all sold out.

Mills was gracious enough to be interviewed after her time with old friends and new ones.
“Terry how would you describe your music?” “Some people would describe as Americana as it has the influence of the blues, blue grass, a little bit of pop and lots of folk.”

Does anyone say you remind them of this musician or that musician?” “Yes, they do, probably Joan Baez.” “Doesn’t hurt my feelings as I am a fan of hers” said Mills. Terry also mentioned famous, established musicians from music industry who influenced her musically such as Simon and Garfunkel, Joanie Mitchell, Judy Collins, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Jason Isbell, etc.

As for the title of her CD, “Man Behind The Curtain” how did Mills come up with it? “It is the line from the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz.” Mills said. One of Terry’s songs, Viva Chihuahua came from a personal experience. “Viva Chihuahua is about a vacation I took in my early 20s to Chihuahua City.” Terry went on a trip with her sister and friend as they spent the time to do whatever without a care in the world; and no set schedule. Terry experienced riding fast horses, great scenery locations. There was stuff going on all the time that was totally different from her normal life. “I got back from vacation a day late and didn’t care because life was happening.” Mills wrote that song to remind her of that adventurous vacation.

In wrapping up the interview, Terry was asked what one piece of advice she would give to those aspiring to get into the music business. “If you know what your voice is, don’t try to be someone else.” “It may sound cliché, but be true to yourself”

Blanca E. .Hernandez, owner of Art by Blanca.  Miss Hernandez started at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts in 2015 working for SAMFA Education as a camp instructor, and designer for Education program advertising.
She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Angelo State University specializing in Graphic Design.
Blanca is passionate about art and design and being immersed in the art community of San Angelo per her bio posted on the nonprofit's website.

Royo's is owned by Yolie Searls and husband, Robert. Yolie stated the name of the business is a combination from her first name and Robert's. Yolie's business, which is alcohol on tile and hand-painted, started as a hobby in April 2017. "I did some research watching videos on Youtube and it is pretty much self-taught." After six months of accumulating quite a collection, Yolie decided it was time to start the business which was in December 2017 at Tabors. Searls goal is eventually to build a
business website and a social media venue in 2019. "Every piece of my artwork has a different scripture on the back of it because I want people to look up that scripture so they can see how it applies to them" concluded Yolie.

Lori Manship is owner of Candles by Lori. Manship was taking care of her booth and her relatives' Bay Mare Horse Hair Bracelets. Lori attends mainly on a yearly basis, Open House, as she is employed by the Christoval Independent School 
District as a school teacher.

Also, Allen’s Open House traditional festivities established in 1941 was founded for artists of various works, ranging from pottery, jewelry, ceramics, paintings, etc. could all come under one canopy to "set up shop" that is, booths to sell and promote their business. Among the various businesses were: Art by Blanca, Royo’s Artography, Bay Mare Horse Hair Bracelets, Candles by Lori, etc.