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San Angelo, TX — At Santa Rita’s kindergarten graduation scheduled Friday morning, May 31, it suddenly dawned on Principal, Kay Scott, in her concluding remarks, that this 2019 class would be the senior class of 2031!

Before a packed house, or rather gymnasium of family, Mrs. Scott, who is in her 11th year as the principal, conferred a total of 51 certificates to the children whose kindergarten teachers were: Monica Barrera, Crystal Berry and Amy Wood.

Among the Santa Rita Falcons’ kids was Jayce Samarripa. Jayce’ dad, Jeremiah Samarripa was among the many proud parents who came to see them receive their certificates. Jayce kindergarten teacher is Miss Crystal Berry.

Left-to-right: Jayce Samarripa's mom, Molly; Santa Rita Elementary Principal, Kay Scott; kindergarten grad, Jayce Samarripa; grandparents: Nora and Albert B. Samarripa.

Jeremiah was accompanied by his parents and Jayce’ grandparents: Albert B. and Nora Samarripa; and great uncle, Jim Sánchez. 

Emma Heilman, parents: Cory and Lindsey Heilman.

Flaco Guapo asked Principal Scott “Nine months after the start of the school year to this momentous occasion what has it been like?” Scott’s response comes at the 1:19 mark of this interview.

After Mrs. Scott handed out the certificates, she concluded with a poignant message to the kindergarten graduates’ family.

“Within each one of these students we plant a tiny seed each day.” Scott further stated that the seed that was planted was one that would cause the student to grow. “In order for them to grow they will need strong roots.” Those roots were to produce a harvest of self-confidence, strong values and beliefs. The students were encouraged on daily with structure, hope kindness and love. “We have nurtured them with knowledge, character and dedication.” Added to those intrinsic traits were creativity, curiosity and intelligence.” We hope they continue to blossom as Santa Rita Falcons.”

Principal Kay thanked the parents for sharing their precious gift—their child, with the Santa Rita kindergarten teachers for the school year, 2018-2019.