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SAN ANGELO – The dash on a tombstone represents the beginning and the end of one’s life. The first dash in Ermelinda Camarillo Sanchez’ life represented date of birth August 31, 1936; the second one was her date of death, July 19, 2018. 

How Ermelinda lived her life to the glory of God was the in-between. Our mother, Ermelinda, also known as sister, Linda, walked as royalty as the life of Christ within her yielded, vessel, profoundly touched and impacted her family, friends and spiritual family.

 As 2018 came to an end, the chapter on her life closed on that glorious July 23rd day. On December 31st,  the chapter on my life with her and the year finally closed. I wanted to honor, to celebrate the one person who helped me get this far in life, our beloved mother, Ermelinda Camarillo Sanchez. The last six years of Mom’s life I caught more than she taught me about being a true believer of God’s word (His principles) as she role—modeled before me that scripture reference “Greater love has no one than this, that a man [women] lay down his [her] life for his/ her friends" (John 15:13. KJV).

A placard that I bought for Mother’s Day in May of 2004 appropriately describes how I feel about our parents as heroes:
“Ordinary heroes walk among us with uncommon bravery and profound care; some wear uniforms and carry badges, some do not; but all wear the armor of integrity, compassion, and honor.
Heroes are messengers sent from heaven. Their love, compassion, and bravery are God's touch upon humanity.” - Author unknown

Our beloved mother, Ermelinda, grandmother and great grandmother's family: grandsons and and granddaughter' Kathleen's husband served as pallbearers.  Albert Samrripa Jr. Jeremiah Samarripa, my son: Paul David, great nephew, Nicolas Isaiah Samaripa, his father: TJ Samaripa and Jacob Hernandez.

While I am now on more secure footing spiritually, at the same time and in all honestly I have a heavy heart and dearly miss my beloved mother, best friend and mentor. It was because of her that I have matured spiritually in the past six years. Two spiritual intrinsic traits from Mom's life have become the chief cornerstone in my life: love and forgiveness. It wasn't always that way. And, I still stumble in this these areas because I have allowed the flesh to get the best of me. My mom exemplified those two twin attributes because of the person called the Holy Spirit in her earthen vessel.

In closing, this year was difficult for three reasons. First, my mom's passing. Second, my desire to re-united with my son, Paul and daughter Tonye. And third, friends whom I thought would stand by me didn't. 
I fully confess my human flawed personage. My weakness is that I am too passionate, act too quickly to befriend and get disappointed when those whom I thought were true friends don't stick around to the end. 
If I am to experience victory/ success in my spiritual growth and development, then I admit it now, own it and allow the Lord to deal with me on accepting people as they are; rather than I as I would want them to be. Also, in addressing my remarks in this area, I will not excuse, justify my actions or behavior on how I have I treated those most close to me.  Hopefully those I have offended may forgive me in putting my expectations on them.

"Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old." "Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it?" "I will make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert" (Isaish 34:18-19, KJV).

With her passing on July 19, 2018 and her burial four days later on July 23, I realized near Thanksgiving Day, 2018, that I was in a better place in my personal walk with Christ [even though I still "stub my toe"  big time when it comes to love/forgiveness] in moving forward, both personally and professionally.
Mom left behind an indelible legacy of love and the life of Christ. She didn't just give me an inheritance from her hand, which was a house, but she gave me more than that--a spiritual legacy from her heart.

I placed this birthday card on mom's tombstone last August 31st, 2018 when she would have turned 82.
"There are two things but two special things we can give our children--one is roots; the other is wings."

My graduation party on December 16, 2006. I didn't open my degree until the celebration that day as I wanted my mom, best friend, mentor and my pastor to share this degree bestowed upon me from Angelo State University. On the day of her burial, I gave her my cap/gown and placed her bible in her coffin to celebrate that she graduated with the highest honors bestowed upon her by our heavenly Father, God. "This is my beloved Son [daughter] in whom I am will pleased" Matthew 3:17.

 Mom, her nephew, Enrique Quintanilla Jr. his wife, Carmela, who is in the back, Mom's daughter--Nora Samarripa, Nora's daughter, Thessalonia and Nora's granddaughters: Tiana and Taliyah Samarripa at Cheddars.

Our mom, Ermelinda Camarillo Sanchez and her grandson, Jeremiah Samarripa and her great grandchildren.

Ermelinda Camarillo Sanchez' grandchildren and great grandchildren.