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Story, photos by permission from Conexión San Ángelo

SAN ANGELO – The third annual, Zombie Prom is still the best “Zombieland, Horror” show in town, evidenced by the lineup of “walking dead” guests: Fernando “Zombieland” Fuentez, Linda “Miss Death warmed over” Meza, Alex and Belinda Vega, alias, Mr. and Mrs. King and Queen “Death”, candidates, and other ghoulish creatures spotted at the Chadbourne Tavern turned haunted house on Friday night, October 19.
Fuentez’ seven staff members were all on hand to serve their zombie guests ghoulish beverages.

Linda Mesa, one of the charter members of the Dazzling Dames, who partnered with Fuentez’ Tavern business, stated something extra was added for the little types. “This year we added a cake walk for kids.” 

Left-to-right: zombies--Megan Myers, Jennifer Garcia and Vee.

Chadbourne Tavern, Veronica Gonzales, alias"Carrie" served up gholish beverages.

Belinda Vega and husband, Alex, were competing "for Dead of the Dawn" Mr. and Mrs. King and Queen.

Alex Vega was crowned Zombie King while his wife, the lovely Belinda, was crowned Zombie Queen, 2018. Photo courtesy of Linda Meza, Dazzling Dames.

“And everyone who is dressed up will take a zombie walk through downtown at 11 p.m.; at 11:30 p.m. a Zombie king and queen were to be crowned.

Half-human, half-beast zombies, Kelsey Rankin and husband, Jonathan Zepeda, showed up to haunt Chadbourne Tavern.

A slew of zombie-like, night creatures were spotted at the best horror show in town held at the haunted, Chadbourne Tavern. This was the third annual, Zombie Prom held on Friday’s horror-filled night, October 19.

Left-to-right Samantha White, Cynthia Rutledge, Leah Barfield and Hailey Way showed up in their favorite costumes, human beings.

To get in free, all living human beings and “dead” zombies were asked to bring a canned food to donate to Meals For the Elderly, a nonprofit organization that Dazzling Dames put on the event in their behalf.
All the proceeds from the cake walk, plus door prizes from tickets sold will be donated at the end of the month. Meza stated to Conexión this year’s goal was to raise $500. “I want to thank Fernando and his staff as they always dress up
“Next year we want to add on to make it bigger,” concluded Fuentez.

Left-to-right: Jessica Arrendondo and Chadbourne Tavern, owner, Fernando Fuentez

Food vendors who donated their services were: Chicken Express, Q99, Grilled Burger and Herb-A-Life.